Early June 2019 Fishing Report

Date: June 10, 2019
Flows: 5,500 CFS
Water Temp: 44 F

Flows are staying in a comfortable range, for both the fish and anglers. The rainbows are still spawning, though some have finished up their reproducing. PLEASE LEAVE THESE FISH ALONE. Avoid walking on the cleaned out patches of gravel and at least 15 feet below the clean patches. The eggs need time to hatch. On another note, fish have been much more cooperative lately. Guides are reporting higher number of fish netted and bigger fish as well. Overall the river is in great shape, hatches are coming off daily, and the fish are happy.


Our guides are running 7.5 ft. 3x leaders to 1 3/0 sized split shot with 4x tippet to the flies. Fish have been moving into the quicker moving parts of runs. Bugs of choice include big sow bugs, midges, baetis nymphs and worms. Nymph fishing is getting better each day, and grass is not a huge factor yet. All of the standard bugs are still in play.

  • Firebead sow bug (tan, pink, or grey) #14-16
  • Soft Hackle Sow bug #14-16
  • Caviar Scud #14-16
  • Tung Teaser #18-20
  • Zebra Midges (red or black) #18-20
  • Juju Baetis #18-20
  • San Juan Worm #10


On the cloudy or sunny days, there have been decent hatches of midges and blue wings. Fish have been up and haven’t been too tricky to fool into eating your bug. Using 9 foot 5x leaders, and your favorite blue wing or midge pattern should do the trick. The rumor around our shop is that some fish have been eating ants… but we’ll never tell.

  • The Student #16-20
  • CDC Midge #18-20
  • Hi-Vis Parachute BWO #16-20
  • Parachute Ant #14


Streamer fishing has been decent for the anglers putting in the time. Pound the bank with your best bugger or smaller streamer. Black, white, olive. In that order. Sink tip or floating line, your choice!

Come get in on the action! Give the shop a call for up to the day fishing reports. We’re still running our June promotion, 15% off NEW lodging reservations if you stay two nights.

Give the shop a call 406-666-2391

Pictured is guide Josh Mazon with a dry fly eater.

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