18 Acres of Big Sky Bliss

Your Montana adventure basecamp matters!  Our competition will paint you into a rigid box.  Cottonwood Camp provides unparalleled activities + amenities throughout our hallowed grounds.  Our surroundings set the stage - 360 degree views of the Pryor & Bighorn mountains, adjacent to 300 acres of Bighorn Canyon Nat'l Rec Area Land.  Our passion for creating memorable experiences fuels our legacy. 

Steps from your home away from home you'll find:

  • The Crop Circle Firepit
    • A place where fish tales grow taller with each log placed on the fire
  • Horseshoes
    • Safer than throwing hand grenades 
  • Archery Ally
    • How good is your aim?
  • Axe Throwing
    • Again, how good is your aim!
  • Youth Adventure Zone
      • Roping calves, sandbox, and many other mini-human activates to enrich the next generation

3 Mile Fly Golf & Casting Range

Rome wasn't built in one night and every angler knows casting precision comes from practice & repetition.  That's why we developed a concept never yet seen before - Fly Golf.  Our esteemed Richard Moats designed course provides opportunities to test different casting scenarios you'll sure to encounter on the water.  If you aren't feeling up to the 9 hole challenge you can hit the range to let out some practice casts. 

Hole Examples Include:

    • Casting between 20-50' feet, cast towards the 7 targets spread between 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock based on your buddies shouts that correspond to the various targets. This requires not only a smooth familiarity with clock face directions, but the ability to maintain accuracy while quickly switching between multiple targets. Try incorporating an occasional backhand cast rather than taking time to turn and face each new target.
    • Facing to your right cast 25 feet to the right side dropping your fly in the ring, then in one motion back cast 15 feet to the left Ring. 
    • Why do fish hide under trees? Facing your fish cast 30 feet under the tree limb. 
    • A problem for all! As you stand on a incline with a life jacket, Cast 25 feet to a fish that is 18 inches from the bank - Careful you don’t hook the brush on the far side. Question where is your life jacket? 
    • On this hole accuracy is high priority. Cast to a ring that is 2 feet ahead or upstream from a fish feed on the surface. If your fly lands closer than 2 feet you are penalized dearly.
    • Casting 25 feet to a ring that is 3 feet behind a rock. There will be two smaller ring between the fish and the rock. This is where you must decide where you are going to cast the number three ring is bigger and is the intended target. IF you decide to cast to the one at 2 feet and are successful it a birdie shot. If you aim for the one at 1 foot behind the rock its an eagle. If you aim for the smaller ring and miss you must eat humble pie and your round is over!


Our shop is the premier resource for any angler keen on catching fish on the Bighorn.  Our expansive line of flies, tackle and gear is centered around success on the Bighorn.  We only partner with industry leaders such as Sage, R.L., Simms, Scientific Angler because quality matters on the water when you expect success every time you wet a line. 

Our fly selections contain specialized patters that have been developed with decades of experience on the Bighorn.  Our staff is filled with experienced anglers who are passionate about talking all things fishing - tackle, technique, hatches, fly patterns, and beyond.

If you prefer to travel light our shop has you covered with our rental or purchase program of rods, reels, waders and anything else you'll need for a successful day on the water.

Fishing on the Porch - Daily from 7am-8am

Our Fly Shop porch is the place to be each morning.  We supply the coffee and conversation about what's been working and what to expect.  No better way to start the day than to talk a little Bighorn River shop with our team of expert fishing guides and fellow guests.  


Guided Trips
Drift Boats


Cottonwood Camp lives by two universal truths:

  • Each Montana adventure is different 
  • Attention to detail matters

Our services can be tailored to exactly what You need! Not the guy next to you or the ankle bitter behind you.  Our team is passionate about delivering a one of a kind experience so ask and you shall receive.  Common requests are reflected below but our abilities are limitless!  Submit a custom request form and put us to the test. 

Add Ons

Food & Beverage Packages
Airport Transfer
Concierge Services
All Inclusive Adventures


When the Big Sky is the limit it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Talk to our team today and let us plan your much deserved Montana adventure today.  Put us to the test and we guarantee you'll walk away fulfilled!