The Small Frys


The Small Fry 1&2

The Small Fry Cabins, snuggled into the main area of the camp are two 20X14 cabins that are requested time and time again.  Traditional one-room cabins with Sunrise deck, perfect for telling fish stories!


Small Fry 1: 4 Beds/Sleeps 6

Small Fry 2: 2 Beds/Sleeps 3

1 Bath

Small Fry 2 has a Full bathroom stocked with towels, tp, and everything else you need. Small Fry 1 does not have a bathroom.

Full Kitchen

Large cupboards, full-size fridge, oven and range, dishwasher, microwave, and coffee maker.


Full living room with TV and dining area.


Covered outdoor patio with sunrise/sunset views, seating, and propane grill.