Brown Palace


The Brown Palace

When this unit was added to our accommodations, we weren’t sure what to dub it in the quirky Cottonwood Tradition. Suggestions included the “Mayfly Mansion”, “Big Kahuna”, and more. Well…….. it is a big brown trailer, so to honor our Colorado friends, and our love of the brown trout, the “Brown Palace” was born.

The cabin is one of the few in the camp that has a satellite television in the living room, but we can unplug it if you are really a hardcore “Cottonwood Traditionalist”.

We are confident you will find this haven for avid trout bums to be a fine “Palace”, whether you hail from Colorado or Katmandu!

3 Bed

Bed One has a double bed, Bed Two features two Cottonwood Bunks, and Bed Three features one Cottonwood Bunk. Sleeps 7-11.

2 Bath

Full bathrooms stocked with towels, tp, and everything else you need.

Full Kitchen

Large cupboards, full-size fridge, oven and range, dishwasher, microwave, and coffee maker.


Full living room with TV and dining area.


Covered outdoor patio with sunrise views, seating, and propane grill.