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Bighorn River Fishing Report July 2017

Dry fly fishing is here! We have seen the arrival of both tricos and black caddis.  If you are a morning person, it definitely pays to get on the water early and await the trico hatch. Typically the thick of the trico hatch begins at sunrise and ends around 9 a.m. If you’d rather sleep…


Bighorn River Fishing Report June 2017

It seems as though the peak of runoff season is behind us! Flows have come down from 14,000 to 9,000 making the fishing, especially wading, a bit more manageable. Nymphing has still been the top producer, and it still takes a couple of 3/o’s with a long leader to make it effective. The dry fly fishing…

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Bighorn River Fishing Report Late May 2017

With high flows and limited wade fishing, guide trips are a great option. Nymphing has been the top fish producer in the high flows. Long leaders and plenty of weight are needed in this big water. Big sowbugs with either a Skinny Nelson or a midge pattern have been solid. Running a worm pattern has been…

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Bighorn River Fishing Report May 2017

Nymphs Firebead Sowbugs   #14-16 Eddie Vedder Rays #16-18 SH Sowbugs Pink #18-20 San Juan Worm Brown/Wine #8-12 Skinny Nelson #18-20 JuJu Baetis #18 Streamers Polar Minnow White #4-6 Aztec Streamer #6 Sex Dungeon White and Olive #2 Olive Bugger #6-8 Dries Smoke Jumpers #18-20 The Student #16-20 With the higher flows, nymphing has still been…

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April 2017 Newsletter

We Want To Hear From You! We are entering our 4th season behind the helm of the Cottonwood Camp boat! The last 3 years have been full of lots of joy and surprises, non of which we would trade for anything. Phil and I are here for so many reasons with the most important reason…

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Bighorn River Fishing Report Mid-April 2017

Nymphing continues to keep the net full! Hot bugs continue to be the staples: Firebead sowbugs/rays in #14-16, Soft Hackle Sowbugs #16-18 Grey or Pink, #14-16 Orange scuds, trailed by a smaller sowbug, scud, or midge pattern. #20 Blue glass bead midges and purple zebras have been a hot dropper if you can keep the…

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Bighorn river Fishing Report April 2017

Nymphs FB Rays #16-18 pink and grey Carpet Bug #16-18 Zebra Midge #20 black or blue SH Sowbugs #16-20 pink Dries CDC Midge #20 Smoke Jumper #20 Streamers Olive and white in size #4-6 with a slow retrieve Last Friday, Ian and myself (Brady) took an Afterbay to Bighorn float primarily focused on fishing streamers.…

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Bighorn River Fishing Report March 2017

Yes, flows increased again today but don’t worry, the fish are very happy and the river is clean.  Another plus side to the high water is all the side channels are full and holding fish, these have been producing some great wading holes. Nymphing has produced fish that the Bighorn is known for! And it’s not…

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Bighorn River Fishing Report November 2015

Hatches Psuedos BWO Midges Flies Psuedo Spinner CDC Psuedo Cripple Thor CDC Cripple Two Tone Worms Red Wire Worm Zebra Midges Pink Firebead Sowbug Dead Tan Softhackle Sowbug Pink Softhackle Ray Charles Sowbug Wonder Nymph Glass bead Quill Nymph Olive buggers White buggers Bighorn Buggers The Fishing: There have been a lot of good reports coming…